About Us

We all know we need to change the world. The Jesuit Forum takes seriously the proposition that a good revolution begins in the hearts and minds of people. 

We promote small group discussion with an emphasis on listening to awaken social imagination and spiritual freedom. It often happens that, as we speak honestly and listen deeply to each other, we soon reach a level of trust and community. We become free to see beyond the "spin" that is always looping around us from advertising, from propaganda and from the PR and denial industries with their many tentacles. 

Shared discoveries on different levels that we often hide from each other can help us get in touch with shared faith - social faith. Then we can taste and see that, yes, another world is possible. And we can live and work in a way that can help bring this longed-for new world to birth. 

As the Dalai Lama has said: "Peace doesn't fall from the sky!"

He's also quoted as saying: "...more human contact in the form of informal extended meetings, without any agenda, would improve mutual understanding; people would learn to relate to each other as human beings and could then try to tackle international problems based on this understanding." 

The Jesuit Forum is an initiative of the Jesuits in English Canada. 

Learn more about the Jesuit Forum by reading about our mission and our small group forum.