Dalai Lama promotes listening and dialogue: "Peace doesn't fall from the sky!"

The Dalai Lama highlighted “listening and dialogue” during his October 2010 visit to Toronto.

His Holiness said that in order to achieve a peaceful world and a happy world, there is the need to promote a concept of dialogue – at all levels in the education system. He said the opposite of peace is violence, which is man-made. Therefore, he said peace can also be brought about by people. Considering others as part of human society can bring about trust and genuine friendship.

The Dalai Lama has elaborated on this theme before, saying “more human contact in the form of informal extended meetings, without any agenda, would improve their mutual understanding; they would learn to relate to each other as human beings and could then try to tackle international problems based on this understanding.” No two parties, especially those with a history of antagonism, can negotiate fruitfully in an atmosphere of mutual suspicion and hatred.

“I suggest that world leaders meet about once a year in a beautiful place without any business, just to get to know each other. Then, later, they could meet to discuss mutual and global problems.

“I am sure many others share my wish that world leaders meet at the conference table in such an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding of each other’s humanness.”

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