The Jesuit Forum produces guides to engage people in dialogue on global and local social and ecological justice issues.
Listening to Indigenous Voices

Listening to Indigenous Voices

A Dialogue Guide on Justice and Right Relationships

Edited by Mark Hathaway, Victoria Blanco, Jayce Chiblow, and Anne-Marie Jackson

112 pages, $19.95, softcover

Listening to Indigenous Voices explores Indigenous worldviews, examines the history of colonization, and concludes with sessions on righting relationships, decolonization, and indigenization. Each session includes questions to guide sharing circles as well as curriculum ideas for use in secondary and post-secondary educational settings.

Children in a courtyard,
Hlatikulu, Shiselweni, Kingdom of Swaziland (26°58’S - 31°19’E).

Education remains an essential tool to empower people to take control of their own lives. The design of new curricula grounded in our fundamental interconnectedness with nature and with one another will help create the common vision which can inspire the alternative growth models we need.

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