Discerning... The Confession of Genocide for Truth and Reconciliation Image
April 2024, Vol 17, No.1

Discerning... The Confession of Genocide for Truth and Reconciliation

Our efforts at the Jesuit Forum focus on highlighting Indigenous voices amidst Canada’s troubled history while fostering a broader dialogue. This edition of Open Space gives witness to one way of listening to Indigenous perspectives through partnership and dialogue. 


Canadian Catholic journalist, Michael Swan, recently retired from the Catholic Register, has devoted much of his journalistic energy prayerfully reflecting and writing upon what he has heard from Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples on the harmful role of the Church in Canadian history and Pope Francis’ visit to Canada to seek forgiveness. 

In particular, he has reflected upon how Canadians have been pondering Pope Francis’ admission that what has historically taken place within Canada has been a “genocide” towards Indigenous peoples. This is a very unsettling image to associate with Canadian history. Michael’s thoughts invite us to ponder more reflectively how we have been receiving this additional image of Canadian history with the aim of reconciliation


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