Cry of the Poor, Cry of the Earth: What has spirituality got to do with social justice and ecology?

We believe, as many do now, that spirituality, social justice and ecology should be integrated into a holistic approach or vision. Thus far, we tend to relate ecology to spirituality and/or social justice to ecology more readily than we interrelate the three together.

We believe we need a new paradigm or new way of seeing or understanding the complex reality of today. We need to do this in order to overcome the narrower approach of both particular academic disciplines and subconscious ideologies.

Spirituality can give us the freedom and openness to go beyond these limits, as well as the staying power, enthusiasm and motivation for the long haul.

With this in mind, a seminar was held in Hamilton, Ontario, June 9-10 2011 to help us explore this. The document here offers summaries of the presentations, as well as edited excerpts of the conversations.

You are warmly invited to come and listen in.

A shared exploration, hosted by Canadian Jesuits International, Ignatius Jesuit Centre andĀ Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice

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