Culture, Spirituality, and Economic Development

Security, sustainability, and stability often depend on a system of values that has taken centuries to develop within a specific society. Current development strategies, however, tend to ignore, often underestimate, and sometimes undermine cultural values or the cultural environment, which are essential to healthy human development. The question, then, becomes: How can human values and belief systems be properly integrated into the modern economic development paradigm?

In Culture, Spirituality, and Economic Development, Bill Ryan sj begins to tackle this question. He does so by reflecting upon a series of interviews conducted with scholars from various disciplines and all corners of the globe. The results confirm the fallacy of searching for a new development "grail." Instead, this book prompts scholars and development professionals to look to a variety of development paradigms, each rooted in its own ethical and spiritual world view, mutually dependent, mutually respectful, and mutually enriching.

Published by International Development Research Centre in 1995.

Available from your library or from IDRC.  Aussi disponible en français.

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