Cry of the Poor, Cry of the Earth: What has spirituality got to do with social justice and ecology?

We believe, as many do now that spirituality,social justice and ecology should be integrated into a holistic approach or vision. Thus far, we tend to relate ecology to spirituality and/or social justice to ecology more readily than we interrelate the three together.

We believe we need a new paradigm or new way of seeing or understanding the complex reality of today. We need to do this in order to overcome both the narrower approach of particular academic disciplines and subconscious ideologies.

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Caritas in Veritate: Guide for Discussion and Action

This guide is a starter kit. It is not comprehensive, nor is it a critical or analytical study. It is designed to bring the central themes of Caritas in Veritate to life. However, the content of the encyclical becomes real only when it is shared through people's lived experiences with others.

So - download the guide, bring together a small group, plan your meeting dates and begin the adventure!  

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On care for our common home: a dialogue guide for laudato si'

This resource for small group discussion is a colourful guide to Laudato Si’, bringing to life in photos, cartoons and stories this ground-breaking and challenging encyclical from Pope Francis. 

On care for our common home:  A dialogue guide for Laudato Si’ offers a way to engage in the dialogue the Pope is calling for.  It comprises key quotes from the encyclical, exploration of the content and questions for groups to foster deeper engagement.

Written by William F. Ryan sj and Janet Somerville with Anne O'Brien gsic and Anne-Marie Jackson

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Sur la sauvegarde de la maison commune : outil de dialogue pour laudato si'

Cette nouvelle ressource est une trousse faite pour un groupe, avec des réflexions, un choix judicieux de citations de Laudato Si’, des récits, des photos et des caricatures qui aident à explorer la richesse des thèmes et les enjeux précis dont traite l’encyclique du pape François.  Sur la sauvegarde de la maison commune : Outil de dialogue pour Laudato Si’ offre un moyen de s’engager dans le dialogue auquel le pape nous interpelle.

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The Joy of the Gospel

A workbook for small groups to engage Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel. Session titles include: “Why should we not enter into this great stream of joy?” “No to an economy of exclusion!” and “The special place of the poor among God’s people.”

This booklet is an excellent new resource for parishes, justice and peace committees, Catholic Women’s League, universities, high schools, unions, community groups, religious communities, workplace environments, etc.

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